About Us

ALEH (www.ALEH.org) was founded in 1982 by a group of Israeli parents who were determined to give their children with severe complex disabilities the best available care and the opportunity to develop to their fullest potentials. After more than three decades of successful growth and exciting advancements, ALEH has become Israel’s foremost network of care for children with severe complex disabilities, providing over 750 children with high-level medical and rehabilitative care in their four residential facilities across the country. Thanks to ALEH’s continuum of loving care from infancy and childhood through adulthood, our residents advance well beyond their initial prognoses and live happy, dignified, and meaningful lives.

ALEH has also established a global community based on the principles of inclusion, sensitivity, commitment and kindness, making a difference in the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable children and building a better, more caring world.

Rise to the challenge!

ALEH Ascend is so much more than a running team. We are a movement – on the move – dedicated to pushing our personal limits in order to ensure the unrestricted growth and true inclusion of every Israeli child, regardless of the severity of his or her disability.

With every mile we run, we shatter societal boundaries and raise the bar for the care of Israel’s most vulnerable children.

ALEH Ascend team membership includes:

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    Discounted Marathon Admission

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    Full Fundraising Support

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    High-Quality Dri Fit Running Jersey

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    ALEH Ascend Gear and Surprises

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    The Experience of a Lifetime!

      When you join ALEH Ascend, you will:


      Children with disabilities in Israel to realize their greatest potentials and live happy, dignified and meaningful lives.


      Awareness of Israel’s disability community and the necessity for advancing inclusion, equity and access.


      The integration and acceptance of individuals with disabilities in Israeli society.


      Your body, enrich your soul, and improve the world with every stride.