How it works

Enter this new stage of life by doing the ultimate act of kindness and chessed – help give kids who can’t walk, talk or even breathe on their own a chance to live a better, happier life.

1) Launch Your Campaign

There are a few simple steps to launching your campaign

  • Click here to join ALEH Ascend and create a runners campaign.
  • Go on the Jerusalem Marathon Website and register
  • Put the code you received in the “Registration Code “ field
  • In the “Club” field write “ALEH
  • After finishing registration you are good to go!

2) Spread The Word

There a few platforms where you can promote your campaign and increase the donations:

  • First of all, call up your family, friends, that weird uncle that nobody likes, some kindergarten friends and send them to your campaign!
  • You can also post your campaign on your Facebook/Twitter/Snap chat/Instagram profiles, let them know about the cause and why you are doing this – You can talk about what this means to you and how they can be part of helping a kid like you that can really use the help.
  • Talk to your local press – The local paper will love writing about your story and choice to help others as part of your growing up process.
  • Follow up! This is the most important of them all – Remind your supporters and make sure they are on it.

3) Let’s Go!

Start Now!