Packages of Happiness! A Bat Mitzvah Brings Joy to the Residents of ALEH Negev

Dec 10, 2012

On December 9th 2012, Tehilla Jasper of Bet Shemesh, Israel and her family visited ALEH Negev to deliver special Chanukah packages to the facility’s residents. Tehilla had filled the packages with her friends as part of her Bat Mitzvah celebration a week before.

Here’s a quick Q&A with the Bat Mitzvah girl about her very special “Mitzvah Project” for ALEH:

Q:Why did you think this was a good idea for your Bat Mitzvah project?

A:My mother suggested it, and I agreed. She said we should “give back” for my Bat Mitzvah.

Q:After you visited the first time, did you feel any differently?

A:After the visit, I felt much stronger about it. I felt great about what I was doing.

Q:What did your friends say about it?

A:They thought it was amazing. Also, after they saw the movie, they said it was really nice. All of my friends helped put the packages together. It was great.

Q:Were you nervous at all about bringing the packages to the ALEH kids?

A:A little bit, I was scared. I am not around disabled children very often.

Q:When you were giving the packages, how did you feel?

A:I felt very good, because whenever I gave, they were smiling and were happy.

Q:A lot of people feel you can’t communicate with disabled kids. What do you think about that?

A:Some of the ALEH kids were talking to me, saying Mazal Tov, and asking where my Ima was. The ALEH kids are actually very smart. But people don’t realize.

Q:Are you happy that this is what you did and why?

A:Yes, because when I gave the packages, the kids were smiling and looked excited and happy.  I felt like I was making them happy, so it felt good.

Q:Would you recommend this to other girls?

A:Yes, more people should do this so that the ALEH kids feel more cared about by people. It’s a chance for the ALEH kids to get attention from other people and not just the people they see every day.  And it’s a great experience.

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